Free  current project begun1969 with 5 LIO Libertarians, by 2019 10+ million homes across all countries.
Dialogue on protecting process & innovating in cultures, sciences, voluntary eco-living guided by Libertarian Pledge.
Modern project begun 1582 in Lemos, Spain and Gilson, UK and daughter Sciutate, USA
Libertarians were  originally the citizen-knights of the Gil-Lemos Liberal towns , and continue in LIO. Non-partisan..

Long Live You.

From Time Immemorial

The 782 & 1582 Expansions

1790 & 1905

July 17, 1969

#3 The 3PEco-Home & Clan


#2 World of Floridas  


#1 Interstellar Empire of Liberty UN Democracies


Interpersonal: Libertarian Philosophy Clubs

Legal: Libertarian Institute Steamed Maine Mussels

Educative: Libertarian Home Book Clubs

Activist: Libertarian Citizen Community

Polity: Libertarian Program

Wins! Libertarian ToolKit

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Where we are...

East Asia & China

India & SAARC Nations

US-'Greater Britain'


Latin Nations

Barbara Branden

Etienne Gilson